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Tajik schoolchild took the absolute first place in the scientific olympiad

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Pirov Daler. Absolute champion in the scientific olympiad (in the middle) in Dushanbe

A pupil of the 9th grade of the Tajik-Russian Lyceum Hotam and PV Pirov Daler, having received 69 points, took the absolute first place in the scientific Olympiad, which was held December 10-15 in Baku. The primacy of this Olympiad consisted in the fact that each schoolboy had to solve problems not in one subject, but immediately in three subjects: in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Daler in physics scored 30 points out of 30, in chemistry 28 points out of 30 and in mathematics 11 points out of 40. When asked why he scored few points in mathematics, Daler answered that he simply did not have enough time and in general, apparently, was conceived so so that no one can cope with the allotted time to solve all the problems.
The next difference of this Olympiad was that gold medalists were rewarded with laptops, and other prize-winners were also awarded valuable gifts. In addition to all the expenses of the participants of the Olympiad, the organizers took upon themselves, for which they have a special thanks.

Team Tajikistan on the total score took the 4th place. According to Daler, with a more successful selection of the team, Tajikistan could claim the highest place.
In conclusion, Daler expressed his great gratitude to the organizers of this wonderful Olympiad for the kind attitude to the team from Tajikistan, for having come down many new good and intelligent friends and for the fabulously amazing beauty of the city of Baku.
It remains to add that the youngest member of the Tajik team Hafizov Bobokhon from Dangarinsky district, having won 21 points, was awarded a bronze medal.


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