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Olympiad in Mathematics and Physics December 16-17 at Phystech.International

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This weekend, December 16 and 17, the TRLI will host an absentee stage of the Olympiad
Phystech.International in mathematics and physics. For participation in the correspondence stage it is necessary:
1. To be the winner or the prize-winner of the extra-mural stage (Internet tour).
2. Confirm participation on the site Phystech.International.
3. Print the participant’s form.
4. To take with them to the Olympiad the document proving the identity (passport or
birth certificate).
Mathematics — December 16 12:00 — 16:00.
Physics — December 17 12:00 — 16:00.
Participation in the Olympiad gives benefits when entering the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
Also, for those who did not manage to take part in the Olympics Phystech.International, we remind that by the end of January there is a correspondence stage of the Olympiad «Fiztech», after which it will be possible to participate in the full-time stage and get a diploma giving quotas upon admission to any university in Russia.

Sincerely, TRLI Administration.


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