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Achievements of Tajik schoolchildren

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Up to the age of 13, our students returned from the international mathematical and scientific Olympiad with 6 medals. Especially good were the students of the Tajik-Russian Lyceum-Boarding School Hotam and PV who won two silver medals: Raufjon Dadaboev and Voris Rakhimov and two bronze medals: Gulmurody Elmurod and Fariz Dehoti.

Bronze medals were also received by students of the International Presidential Lyceum — Timur Usmonov and Lyceum No. 1 for gifted children Burkhvali Kurbonov. The Olympics took place from November 20 to 24 in Singapore.

It should be noted that the tasks were offered only in English.

(tasks of the Olympiad: tasks of the first round, tasks of the second round, tasks of the third round)

The management of the Lyceum congratulates and thanks our young mathematicians: Raufchon Dadabaev, Voris Rakhimov, Gulmurodi Elmurod, Fariz Dehoti and their parents, as well as their wonderful mentors Galina Gulyamovna, Yusuf Khotamov and of course the head coach of Olympic Olympics-mathematicians Lyceum Olimdzhon Pirahmad. We are proud of you.

We also thank the Dushanbe City Administration, which, led by the Deputy Chairman of the city Mawsuma Muinei, despite the late time (the plane landed at 3 am), organized a magnificent meeting of the team of young mathematicians of Tajikistan. It was the first time and it was very important for the children, their parents and mentors, as well as all present and future talents and all teachers of our country.


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